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Software Services for The Sales Department

Have you noticed that IT has exploded both in terms of software applications and the hardware technologies that support them? And it appears to be growing exponentially. How is it possible to keep up with all the IT technologies available and then understand what is best for your business? The answer is quite simple, as an individual, you can't.

The Rain Dance approach is different. We like to understand your business and then recommend a solution accordingly. We have a vast range of IT experience across a discipline of many applications. We are constantly scanning the market for new and emerging technologies and remain impartial. Failing that we then consider developing our own solution to your needs with a full business case, quality assurance and risk analysis included as part of the development cycle.

We like to remove risk from our implementations - we don't like bleeding edge technologies - they are inherent with risk caused by lack of testing via a user base.

Software Reseller:

Our focus is on selling Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) systems for managing the sales process and pipeline. There can be many bolt on extras, such as mass mailing, with added functionality that may or may not be intuitive to use. Our approach is to help define what is important and build an evaluation model so you get the decison right from the start.

We can also resell Cloud Services, also known as "Software as A Service". This is effectively using the internet to run your application negating the need for a seperate data center and all the hardware management that entails. The cost savings with Cloud Computing is very compelling when compared to traditional approaches, but there are some disadvantages that have to be considered.

We can also work with you to evaluate solutions from your own preferred resellers giving you the peace of mind of 100% impartiality.

Contact us and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and whether Rain Dance Services is a good fit to partner for your company.

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