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Cloud Services for The Sales Organisation

Cloud has to the latest buzz word to be bounced around in IT. It covers a multitude of functionalities and can be interchanged with other terms such as SaaS (Software as a Service), and CaaS (Computers as a Service) and GRID computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Basically it is using the internet to run all your applications that are hosted somewhere remotely, potentially anywhere in the world. One example in its simplest form, instead of using Microsoft Office applications on your PC, you can use Google Apps to run all your office applications via your standard browser. The advantage is one of significant cost savings both in terms of buying the software and the ongoing operational costs savings - for example you may no longer need a large data centre, manage your own storage or even do your own backups. Its downside is potentially security, performance, interoperability with other applications, control and reliability.

Cloud has now evolved into the mainstream and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. For the sales department, what does this mean? Customer Relationshiip Management (CRM) systems are used for storing all suspect, prospects and customer information. In a snapshot senior management can see the sales pipeline and forecast accordingly. These are now available as a Cloud based offering, with systems from £6 to £600 a month per user.

From the huge choice available, how do you choose the right provider? Or more importantly how do you mitigate against the risk of choosing the wrong provider?

There are many overlaps between suppliers and many of the them could well fulfil your needs in the short term. But what maybe right for today could easily be wrong tomorrow.

Our approach is to understand your business - we recommend a business analysis approach to enable the organisation to articulate in a clearly defined manner its present and future requirements, including functionality, performance, security and availability needs. We can then evaluate both functionally and financially if Cloud is indeed a correct strategy. We can impartially recommend vendors whose solutions are a match against your own strategic requirement. We can then fully project manage the implementation and roll-out including testing Service Level Agreements as agreed with your chosen provider.

If of interest then please contact us today for more information.

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