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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is brand building and inbound lead generation primarily through the use of an online content and distribution strategy. Some consider that it includes any digital display including screen advertising, but the main definition is promotion via the internet to increase revenue for a company or person.

How do I Make Digital Marketing Work For Me?

There are many facets to digital marketing. But the main one is creating content, distributing of content, and the use of a call-to-action (CTA) to enable you to continue to connect to prospects on one-to-one basis via email or through social media interaction. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of digital marketing as well Pay Per Clicks (PPC) and direct interaction via social media, including targeted emails on LinkedIn, are also effective methods of digital marketing.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a method of capturing someone’s details so you can market to them directly. Imagine a website whereby you are offered a free eBook download – in return you asked to submit your details before you download. Other websites offer a promotion (discount code), or just a form to sign up to a free monthly newsletter and ask for your contact details in return. Note that just relying on people to complete a “contact form” has proved to be an ineffective method to obtain details – people tend to only complete them when they are about to buy. When marketing to someone, you want to be at the beginning of a buyer’s journey with the opportunity to influence their thinking.

How do I create content for digital marketing?

There are many forms of content that can include blogs, case studies, success stories, white papers, press releases, landing pages, eBooks as well as multi-media content including videos with subtitles.

Content should be compelling, educational and interesting but should also be themed for search engine optimization and ideally should include relevant keyword links to other pages.

Still not convinced? Please see why generate content?

How do I distribute content?

Content can be distributed in a variety of ways including posted on social media, posted on your own website, news can be posted on relevant news portals as well as a host of other platforms. For Search Engine Optimization, it is useful to find platforms that allow you to keep intact your keyword links. There are also many major content platforms that allow you to post content for free including LinkedIn, Quora and Medium. But note many of these platforms by default give your links a “nofollow” tag which means search engines that crawl are supposed to ignore those links. This means they have a limited SEO effect assuming you are linking back to your website. It is still worth doing as they are big platforms and are great for brand awareness but using standard news portals and other less established platforms will normally have a follow link adding SEO juice to your links.

Can Rain Dance help?

The lovely people at Rain Dance Digital can help with content creation, distribution and other digital marketing initiatives, including website content and landing pages. We specialize in technology which includes standard IT, broadcast technology and video surveillance. We will do a full Google keyword analysis to ensure content is being written and optimized on keywords that are being searched.

Allow Rain Dance to help with your brand building, inbound lead generation and can be used a part of a growth hacking strategy.

In the broadcast and surveillance world, they personally know may of the online editors within the broadcast publication space for distribution of press releases.

What is Growth Hacking?

I knew you would ask. Growth hacking is a term for companies who are looking to acquire a large number of customers, while spending as little as possible, in a relatively short time. Digital marketing is at the heart of growth hacking. It was a term coined for start-up’s but now more established companies are using the term for their own marketing initiatives. To quote TechCrunch  “growth hacking is effective marketing and not mythical marketing pixie dust.”

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