Sales Representation in Europe for Broadcast Technology & IT Companies

selling rep for IT Europe

Are you looking to expand your footprint into Europe? To get on the first rung of the ladder of success could be easier than you think. This can be achieved without the major investment of renting office space, registering a legal company, and recruiting staff.

Rain Dance have local European presence and can act as a local sales representation for you. It is an ideal method of testing the water with your product or services. Of course, it needs to be done with the right partner who can show your offerings in the best possible light and in front of the correct audience.

Rain Dance have experience of successfully helping start-ups and SME’s to scale up their company. They are well networked in the broadcast, TV production, surveillance, and IT space. They can be extremely technical and are commercially aware. They can help with sales, marketing but also product marketing which may apply for local needs and compliance.

They have both direct and indirect sales channels they can pursue on your behalf.

Rain Dance offers freelance services from 0.5 days a week to full time.

Taking a company global is difficult without local knowledge. If you wish to truly expand the business, you need to immerse yourself in the market you wish to serve. If having a new European or EMEA presence is critical to your expansion, then with Rain Dance based in the Netherlands, it is an ideal location to serve Europe, UK, Middle East and Scandinavia.  

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