Supplying to the broadcast world? Has Covid affected you?

Working as a supplier in the broadcast industry has many perks. It is a relatively small industry and many people know each other. It has a massive energy of innovation that beats through it, and as well as the technology suppliers developing their own ground breaking platforms, this is backed up by many of the trade associations, standard committees, working groups and communities that have built around this broadcast supplier community. They are used for networking and sharing of ideas, many of which I am personally involved with.

I personally work for a company in the Netherlands that has innovation as major part of its DNA but what many people may not realize is that I also work for myself offering digital marketing services for companies looking to improve their brand awareness and to increase their inbound lead generation. Having worked in sales for most of my life, I love the creativity that a role in marketing offers. There is a very close alignment of what marketing and sales do together. At least their should be!

Because of Covid, and given the lack of physical trade shows this year, I was interested in how Covid has effected many of the suppliers to the broadcast market. I did a quick straw pole of people I knew, and I was pleased that all of them claimed that they were doing better than the previous year and generally all were doing well. One who supplied to the sports TV market had seen growth plateau out, but given the stranglehold on sports, that was not surprising and they expect to bounce back in early 2021.

I for one have never been a fan of trade shows, but honestly I miss them. Some companies maybe questioning the value of them, but as part of an overall marketing strategy, in many cases they can have a positive return on investment despite the relatively high cost.

But a marketing strategy should encapsulate many initiatives, one of which should be digital marketing – that is the power of the internet to enable people who have never thought of using your company, to contact you about your products or services. And it works 24×7.

So how does Digital Marketing work? In most cases it is the art of directing prospects to your website through external links which could be from search engines, social media, news sites, blogs and other online articles. You naturally need a good website to convert visitors to leads by sending in their details. There are many ways of doing this, not just a contact form but maybe a promotion or white paper. But for people to visit your website, then it is a strategy of creating content with keyword links and distributing that in relevant places across the web that forces this issue.

For less than the price of an individual trade show, I help companies over a period of a year with  inbound lead generation by creating content that is specific to broadcasting, and then distributing it online to where it can count.

The price makes it compelling, for less than Euro800 a month I can provide three pieces of optimized content which will enhance your standing in search engines like Google and will enable you to be found by people looking for your services. Content can include white papers, blogs, press release and success stories.

Try me for month or three months,  and see how it goes. I would be delighted to help you grow your business for 2021 and beyond. Contact me!

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